Canvas Talk

Not all brands of canvas are alike! Read the Fredrix® facts about priming before you buy, then compare for yourself.

Fredrix® has been priming canvas for over 140 years, and with these years of experience comes a wealth of knowledge!  Did you know that ALL Fredrix® canvas is primed in Lawrenceville, GA. This allows us to have complete control over the most important attribute, the canvas surface.

Our canvas is of superior quality. We carefully inspect our canvas for imperfections and choose only the highest quality base fabrics. Our priming process is the most sophisticated process in the world.  In 2007 we invested over $1.5 Million in a fourth technical coating line at our manufacturing facility in Lawrenceville, GA.

Fredrix® coats more then 10 million square yards of canvas annually!


Tara’s Priming Process

1.  Tara’s coating process is designed to impregnate the fibers of the canvas on the first coating pass.   The first coating pass is formulated differently from subsequent passes to optimize this step.  Many of our competitors apply the coating in a manner that merely “lays” the gesso on top of the canvas fibers. This is visibly apparent by viewing the back of a Fredrix® 7 oz cotton Red Label canvas versus a competitor’s canvas of similar weight.

2.  Tara’s coating process allows substantial coating add-on while maintaining the texture and tooth of the canvas.  Many of the competitors’ canvases have little or no texture or tooth even with lower coating add-on.

3.  Tara’s coating process follows detailed set up and run sheets that cover more than a dozen parameters related to each canvas style and coating pass.

4.  Each batch of gesso applied to the canvas is first subjected to a battery of tests to insure quality before it can be applied to the canvas.   Gesso formulations use only tried-and true raw materials from trusted, long-time vendors to insure that only those raw materials meeting our requirements go into our products.

5.  Tara’s coating process utilizes in-process monitoring of coating weight, caliper, and moisture levels as each pass of gesso is applied to the canvas.  We make adjustments to the process as necessary based on this information insure canvas quality and consistency.

6.  Tara’s base fabric is sourced from mills who weave to our exact specifications.  Details such as fabric weight yarn count and fabric cleanliness are carefully monitored.  Our relationships at times exceed 30 years.